Leo With Mouth Wounds Rescued and Treated

How do you feel if you have a cut in your mouth? Pain? Anguish? And what would you do if people get scared seeing your wound? And what if they start beating you just because you look scary?
You could walk to a clinic and treat it right?

Ever thought of dogs? What would they do? They obviously can’t talk or go to the vet by themselves. Can they?
This is Leo. He wasn’t so lucky because he isn’t a human. He had big would in his mouth and people got scared of him. He became aggressive as people came near to him. He was just trying to protect himself. But the humans thought different and attacked it. They thought it was best to put him down. But not Sudesh Gurung. He saw how badly Leo was hurt and knew exactly what to do. He called us and we brought Leo to our shelter. He has been given proper medicine and our doctors and volunteers are trying slowly to gain his trust and make him less aggressive.

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