Lily is Finally Out of Her Pain, Yey Finally She is Cured, She now plays and sleeps all day :)

Meet Lily our beautiful one-year-old furbaby. Looking at her now, it is hard to believe that only two months ago she was suffering from a life-threatening disease known as Ascites. Ascites in dogs causes their abdomen area to swell up with the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen of the dog. If not treated professionally, it can be very fatal and can also lead to death.

The illness is not only life-threatening but also extremely painful. Lily must have had such a painful life before we brought her here. We cannot imagine the pain the illness must have caused as she tried to get by searching for food and shelter in the streets. She now spends her time playing with her friends, cuddle with us and sleep in the sun the whole day.

Her bloating has now completely gone. She can move around and run free without anything weighing her down. Help us create more happy outcomes like this.


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