Lokanthali Incident of Hit and Run, Dogs Paralyzed for Life

It’s extremely sad to know that people drive recklessly over innocent animals like me. Every day hundreds of faultless dogs get hit by the vehicles on the road. I am among those victims of hit and run whose back part was harshly hit causing the back part paralyzed. M/s Shristy Paneru saw me in a miserable state at Lokanthali and reported to Sneha’s Care.

The team came in and rescued me. It’s difficult for me to crawl around bearing the inevitable pain. Now I have safely boarded at the shelter and I have a feeling that I will get all the love and care that I deserve.

I am paralyzed for my entire life. I might not be adopted due to my situation but at least you could help me with my treatment. You can help me by donating through www.snehacare.org/donate.

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