Mawoo Rescued From Streets, Week and Almost Dead, She is Safe Now

We see animals suffering every day. We rescue them, and we post it on our social media for awareness. Many people react to our posts and share them, praying for their speedy recovery. But we never feel what these animals must have felt or are feeling right now. How it must feel not to know what to do next to survive. How it must feel not to eat for weeks.

How it must feel to know slowly being hungry for weeks is killing you, and you cannot do anything but accept death.
Mawoo was rescued this evening from the street of Kathmandu where she was lying in a cold concrete. She was in the same spot even though it was raining for few days. What a miserable situation she was into. She is so weak that she cannot stand on her own and show her expression. All we can see is a blink in her innocent eyes.

She is suffering from severe dehydration, nasal discharge, anemia, and malnutrition.
If you believe animal deserves a better life, will you help us help them?

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