Maya Treatment and the Result

Whoever said the small things doesn’t matter has never seen a match start a wildfire and this is exactly what the above picture says. It all started from a small wound he got from a dog fight and ignorance, careless towards these reliable voiceless animals in no time aggrandized the wounds making it worst. We could have helped that pity thing from all these suffers if one had only stepped forward in time.

And its never too late, our vet team started the treatment right away and proper and timely follow ups were done by which the result today is very satisfactory. We are very proud of our vet team for their love and dedication towards animals.

Maya (name given at shelter) was rescued 17 days ago with maggot infested wound and scared but today she is all healed and playful. We request everyone not to ignore even smallest wound and help however they can. Help us help more animals in pain. 

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