Meet Lure

love and care street dogs

My name is Lure. I live in the area of Tripureshwor Veterinary Hospital. People hit me for no reason. I never knew why am i being hated by humans. I usually go to the garbage every evening and eat what i can from there hence, starving for food.

love and care street dogs

No enough water to drink, hence dehydrated. Someone hit in my head and i have maggots on my wound making it bigger. But whom should i request to take me to the hospital for treatment, whom should i ask for food & water? Suddenly three days back someone caught me with a lease and put me inside a car and took me to a hospital for my treatment, started feeding me, gave me water and i drank all out of the bowl.

love and care street dogs

I realized it was Sneha Mom who did all to me. I am very happy about this. But where do i go once my treatment is finished, who will feed me again? Anyone interested to give me home, please contact Sneha Mom

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