Meet Pasa, How Pasa Met Snehas Care After being abandoned by his Owners

This is the story of Pasa, an adorable and very patient dog living in our shelter. He has had a rollercoaster of a life. He was abandoned by his owners when they found out he was not a ‘Purebred Dalmatian’ that they had hoped for. How must it have felt when the family he loves so much threw him out when they feel he was not perfect enough for them? Scared, hungry and defeated, he was brought to the shelter.

We were amazed by how quickly he got used to the shelter life and us! He got so much better with time that it was astounding. After few months he was adopted by a family and we thought he finally had a happy home to go to. But alas, he got sick. He started getting rashes all over his body. His adoptive family brought it back to us, as they did not know what to do. He is now under treatment.

Please be kind to your pets. They wish nothing but the best for you. We have so many dogs with similar stories in our shelter. Please visit us if you’d like to give at least one dog a life that they actually deserve. Be a 100% sure before adopting any dog. Please do not make them orphans. You have a choice. They don’t.
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