Mission Shepherd – Snehas Care Rescue Squad

We left at 6:00 AM this morning forming a team of 11 people. Drove for 4 hours each way and returned Kathmandu at 19:00. Four Climbers & One Veterinary Doctor & rest of the Sneha’s Care team went there. We reached there almost around 10:00 AM and started searching the dog. We couldn’t find the dog after search attempt made for 2 hours.

sneha care

Climbers did their job very well and went down hill till the river but found only a chain of the dog in the place where he was seen by the travellers earlier. We thought some wild animals attacked the dog and killed him and was trying to return Kathmandu with face down.

Climber observing the area where the dog was trapped

Climber observing the area where the dog was trapped


Suddenly “Maila Dai” a local farmer who comes there everyday with his cattle encountered us and asked us what are we looking for? We explained him everything and he started telling the story of the dog as he was eye witness.


As per him, Four people came there yesterday and one of them managed to go near the dog and tied his neck with the rope and pulled up to the road with the help of roap. Dog was without one of his hind leg and some wound on his front leg’s paw. We were happy that the dog was rescued by someone(may be owner) and they drove with truck towards Hetauda.


We called the Veterinary Hospital in Hetauda to check if the dog was brought to them for treatment and the answer from one of the vet from the hospital was YES. We then headed towards Hetauda to find out the owner of the dog and to know what really happened to the dog in the hill. It’s very sad story what we heard from the Vet about the dog but still we cannot say anything once we get call from the owner or the Vet.

The owner is suppose to visit the Veterinary Hospital in Hetauda for followup treatment and the name of the Owner as per registration is Mr. Rupchand Sapkota.

We want Mr. Rupchand Sapkota to tell us how dog was left and trapped in the hill in middle of forest? Please SHARE this post so the owner can contact us. We are still confuse that how the dog was 31 KM away from his owner who lives at Hetauda and was trapped in the middle of Forest.


Kishor going down to the dog trapped place


Kishor going down to the dog trapped place


Team Coordination


Professional Climber Ready for Rescue


Snehas Rescue Team on Sheperd Search


Searching Lost German Sherperd


Preparing for Rescue

Footages From the Mission:
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Maila Dai


Found Dog Chain


Maila Dai Explaning to Sneha


District Vet Hospital

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