Motorcycle Hits the Dog and Runs Away, How Cruel Human has been these Days !!!

Hit & Run is an act of crime when a person knowingly flees the scene of the accident, where there has been an injury to the other person or living being. Today, we share with you another case of Hit & Run, reported only this morning from Lubhu. A motorcycle had run over a dog and had left her in incredible pain. With her left front leg fractured and bones clearly visible. A clear-thinking human being, who can understand the concept of ethics and pain, did this to an animal whose only motivation in life is to survive. This is Goldie’s story.

Our doctors have immediately started treatment on her and we hope that she will be able to walk and run like before, but it will take time. The recovery will be painful for her as well. We are amazed by the strength she has. Under her skin, the bones have split into two. She remained still and quiet as we rescued and treated her, she is now on medication and is resting. Please pray for her.

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