Ms. Euden Koirala & Family Adopts a Dog From our Shelter. Thank You So Much

There are people in this world who has a big role in making a difference in the society. We would like to introduce you to Ms. Euden Koirala & Family. They already adopted one shelter dog and this is another one which was adopted by them yesterday.

If everyone had a heart and thought like them, there would be no dogs in the street of Kathmandu. We have more than 100 dogs waiting at the shelter for good home and we are surprised to see that not 100 people out of 100 thousands followers in this Facebook are willing to adopt shelter dogs. Don’t SHOP, ADOPT.

If you cannot adopt the shelter dogs, you can at least SPONSOR them:

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rest in Peace


One died because of Poison (Survived for 4 days under medication) & the other died because she was burnt (Survived for one night). And the responsible person for their death

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