My Eyes Hurts and I Cant See, I am in Pain, and Then I see the light Through Snehas Care

How does it always have to be a tragic turn in my life? I happily accepted the fact being born on the street with no roof over my head nor the proper food to eat. Is it always a compulsion for only me to suffer this badly? Now one of my eyes is popped out with continuous bleeding. It severely pains. I am in serious trouble due to this.

I have started getting the feeling that there is no god to look after me. If there was god I wouldn’t have to go this far as a stray and misfortunate lad. At least now I have a little hope that someone rescued me and I now am under treatment despite all those bad situations in life. Yes, that is Sneha’s care who has brought me to a shelter where I not only get treatment but good food as well.

Do you really feel sorry for me? If your feeling for me is genuine then please donate today through .

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