National Animal Cow, Hit and Run By Reckless Bus Driver, Rescued.

A cow was rescued yesterday from Ratopul, Gyaneshwor. As you can see in the picture she was bleeding so much from her injured hoof. It was another classic case of Hit & Run. A bus had hit her and injured her leg. How can a driver not see a big cow on the street? How can they not try to slow down? Where were they trying to reach so bad that they could not even stop for a minute to let the cow through? Nothing can justify this. The cow, being the national animal of ours gets all the love, respect and is treated as a god on a special day in Tihar.

It is then beaten, treated like a milk giving machine and a nuisance in the streets for the rest of the 364 days. How can we call ourselves humans, when all we do is kill humanity? Every ounce of hope diminishes day by day.

We treated her with painkillers and bandages on the spot. Since we do not have space for big animals in our shelter, we transported it to SPCA, where we know and believe that it will get the proper treatments. Please help us in treating these animals. DONATE TODAY:

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