Neglected Dog Rescued with Skin Conditions From Swyambhu Nath

Four footed innocent life need our proper attention, love and care be it our pet or the strays. This dog was rescued when our team went for the camp at Swayambhunath being informed by Mr. Krishna Bahar Khadka. As reported by him, this dog was a pet of some selfish person. His owner kept him till he was healthy and left him after the disease prevailed in this innocent dog. We suggest to people that please don’t keep a pet if you are not going to love him when he need you the most.

His case is severe that’s why our team rescued him on the spot. Skin disease in dogs can be easily cured if we give him/her proper treatment and medication. So, if you think yourself as a human, don’t abandon your pet when he needs you the most. Infact give him timely treatment and adore him from your heart. Our furry friends need your support and care.

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