Nobody is safe in this country. Not even the very animal who is worshiped as a God.

This Hit & Run case was reported to us the day before by Manjushree, who saw a baby calf lying in unconscious on the side of the road. How could a person have not seen a big animal like that? We sometimes are forced to question the credibility of the drivers in our country. How can they have passed the test, when they cannot even seem to manoeuvre their way through the streets?

Waiting for 5 minutes for an animal to cross will not hamper your day. But your decision at that moment has now hampered this calf’s life. As you must be aware that our shelter cannot accommodate large animals, we rescued the cow and took the Cow to SPCA shelter for further treatment. We hope it recovers well.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get it to a safe place.
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