Not every HUMANS are cruel


How cruel my owner was to abandoned me at the street while i needed him the most. I was left in the unknown place, I was so frightened with everything i see around as i never experienced such before in my life. My owner used to love me when I had no diseases but when they knew I had tumor around my neck and the surgery was expensive, they left me at the street.

How could i survive outside at the street while i was already used to staying at my owner’s home. How hard it became for me to search the food and get used to with the people walking around at the street. Many used to hit me seeing my wound, many used to chase me from their area, but i found a kind hearted guy who was feeding me biscuits everyday since the day he saw me.

sneha care

He tried calling few organizations for dog to look after my treatment but denied. Finally he got in touch with Mom Sneha and she came searching for me yesterday and rescued me. I was scared while she leased me, i was so scared that i was not willing to get inside her car. She finally carried me and took me inside her car and drove me to the Vet clinic for my treatment. I was so happy to eat delicious food after such a long time.

sneha care

Reminded of my owner who used to feed me. This evening i had surgery of my tumor. And still few tumors need to get operated in future, all tumours were not thrown out today as my blood level was low and its not good for my health to go with many surgery at a time. I will be staying with Mom Sneha unless i get a new home.

sneha care

Anyone willing to give me home can contact Sneha. And anyone willing to donate for my treatment can click on the ” Make a Contribution ” Button or Click on ” Donate Now Button”. Not every HUMANS are cruel.

sneha care
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