Our Handsome Khaire, Before & After :)

A very overwhelming news for all those who showed concern about khaire (a name he is called by local people). Yes he is the one who had to suffer by few stupid people. He was beaten up very badly at lagankhel by two or three drunkards, packed in a sack and disposed at Patan Sundhara thinking he was dead. Khaire is all recovered and healthy now. We are very proud of our vet team, with their love, dedication and kindness they helped khaire recover within 18 days of time. Our team not only helped him with his physical wound but also his mental wounds. We have been trying continuously to win his trust as this incident has made him very aggressive.
You can see Khaire’s critical condition when we first rescued him in the first picture and the progress he has made within few days in the second picture.
Help us help more suffering animals. We wish to eradicate any type of animal cruelty. No animal should suffer unnecessarily. Donate today www.snehacare.org/donate.

See How Khaire Was Found Here ==> Khaire Found in Critical Condition

Khaire When He was Found By Snehas Care
Khaire Now 🙂

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