Our Shelter is Full, Still we couldnot say No to this.. Keep Supporting

If only people cared enough to help these helpless animals in a poor state, we’d have hundreds of cases coming in everyday and to no doubt would we be fighting for each of them. But too bad one cannot understand the pain of what the other life is enduring and is simply ignored. How busy life has become? We walk in the streets each day and see 6 to 8 street dogs in each step we take. We see and tend to ignore them.

This guy was wandering around the streets of TU kirtipur which is one of the most busy street. He must have been ignored for more than a month when finally three kind souls saw this dog and did not ignore him and brought him to the shelter in their own car.

We already have so many dogs at our shelter and we have crossed our capacity but the condition of this guy made us feel so bad for him so he is now with us in our shelter and will be keeping him unless he is all healthy. Thank you for your kindness. 

If you guys can also feel the pain and want to help us help more of the dogs in such condition donate today at www.snehacare.org/donate

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