Our Shelters is Full of Stories Like Hergo, Full of Dogs Like Hergo, Please Drive Slow

Three weeks ago, on the dusty street in Gwarko, Hergo was lying on the ground, unable to move. His paw was literally crushed and every breath he took his pain seemed to increase. Many people passed by, some glanced at him, some said their prayers, some didn’t even notice him. But none came near him. It must have been hours, when finally a young woman came near him, said some soothing words that helped him calm down.

She then helped us bring him straight to our shelter. This is the story of Hergo, who was named after his rescuer Zeva Herzog. He is quickly recovering now, with the love and care and the company of others just like him. Our shelter is full of stories like Hergo, full of dogs like Hergo. Please drive slow. It is okay sometimes to be late than hurt others.

To help us help save more lives, please donate us:www.snehacare.org/donate

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