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Jun 17

Hit and Run Case – Speeding Vehicle – Drive Carefully People

This beautiful dog was injured in the back when hit by a speeding vehicle. We have treated her with the required medications and thankfully, she has no serious critical injuries

Jun 05

Rescue Buzz From Hattiban

This beautiful looking dog has Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor(CTVT)! We got a rescue buzz from Hattiban Lalitpur by a kind animal lover Animesh Sharma who informed about this dog and

Jun 04

Karyabinayak Lalitpur Rescue Call by Anmol Shrestha

This adorable pup has swollen wound and cuts! We got a rescue buzz from Karyabinayak Lalitpur by a kind animal lover Anmol Shrestha who informed about this pup and our

Jun 03

Rescue From Thechu Lalitpur. Call by Anju Maharjan

Dear humans, being the most sensible beings on this planet, why are we unable to understand that torturing and giving pain to these loving paws, there is nothing to gain!

Jun 02

Kindness knows no boundaries! – Thank you Priya and the friends

Thank you Priya, Alisha, Ujal and Roshan for visiting our shelter and donating Rs. 7000. We at Sneha’s Care deeply appreciate your expression of kindness and support for our furry

May 08

Our Handsome Dogs – Treatment on Progress

Daily Treatment of our handsome dogs in the shelter! Team Sneha’s Care takes every measure for everyday treatment of our beloved paws solely with one aim, to help them recover

May 08

Goat Rescued From Being Sacrificed – Snehas Care

Our founder president kindred soul Sneha Shrestha and team Sneha’s Care were on their way for relief distribution for the affected animals and families of Bara when she spotted the

May 07

German Shepherd Rescued

We got a rescue buzz from kind animal lovers from Pulchowk and Nakhu. Despite our ongoing spaying and neutering camp, our technician went on a mobile treatment of these two

Apr 01

Abandoned by Owner, Rescued by Snehas Care

Why do someone pet the dog and abandon them? This little girl was abandoned by her owner and someone found the dog wandering on the street and brought to our

Mar 15

Mr. Piggy Finally Rescued

Mr. Piggles is rescued and brought to our Animal Sanctuary. We brought him all the way from Kailali to Kathmandu (700 Km). He was in this swam from last three