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stray dogs
Jun 06

Couldn’t stop myself from helping this dog

Few days back, there was the case of HIT and RUN , the dog was hit by the vehicle and she had her leg fractured where I had helped financially

saved stray dog
Jun 02

Happy To Save Life

This dog was hit and run by a vehicle. One of a kind hearted girl took her to KAT center.She was fractured. KAT center does Spaying and small surgery in

May 31

Second Visit to Dog Mother.

I went to see the ” Dog Mother ” again. She has been such an inspiration to me. She always provides me energy and motivation to help the stray animals

May 23

Found Few Today As Well

I might be busy with my own stuffs, work and all, still  Whenever I pass by some strays, I couldnot just stare but help. I was on my way to

May 22

Awesome Dog Mother

Very happy that i met “Dog Mother” at Kamaladi. Feed some strays as well. Donated few packets of dog food to “Dog Mother” as well.   She is an awesome

May 20

Its been a routine, I love Feeding :D

Its almost evening and I was worried about the animals on the streets. So like other days, I brought some dog foods, some cabbage, some vegetables, biscuits and stuffs to

May 17

Best Feeling : Feeding Strays :)

Where people are now sheltered with tarpaulin temporary tents, these cows and dogs have no where to go, and no food to eat, so they linger around and try  to

May 16

Devastating Earthquake and Stray Animals

Devastating Earthquake Hit Nepal on April 25, and has caused severe damages to the homes and life of thousands of Nepalese. Everyone here is focused in rescue and relief of

Apr 22

Worship and Kick ?

Why worship dog for one day if you kick him for all the year? Whoever visit this area, tell him not to kick the dog. Picture – Goma Petrol Station,

Apr 07

Why Do People Chain Dogs?

  I bought a new lease (much more comfort) to change her chain. Went to this place somewhere near Kalimati near one of the temple to see who the owner