Jun 25

She Has Cancer And We Are Treating Her

Canine Transmissible Veneral Tumor (CTVT) This little girl was found yesterday in Lagankhel area (Received message on Facebook Page). I took her to Dr. Sushil for treatment and she has

treating stray
Jun 23

Treatment on Progress

Visited three areas today for treatment. Nardevi (For the both acid attacked dogs), Kumaripati (For Maggots wounded dog) & Tahachal (For Scabies diseases). Receiving messages every hour about injured street

Jun 22

Treating the Wounded Makes me Happy

Received message on Facebook about the injury of this dog at Kumaripati. He is almost 13 years old. He was Maggots wounded. Felt like crying when i saw him. such

acid attack
Jun 19

I am so against Animal Cruelty :(

Today I Received message on Facebook. Case – Acid attack at Nardevi, Kathmandu. I was informed by one of the local residence of Nardevi, two of the dogs were acid

Jun 17

Feeding and Vaccinating Street Dogs

Dewormed, Fed boiled eggs & biscuits to 65 kids, vaccinated anti-scabies to some of them. It was a great day. Thank you team. Pictures- Dogs treated from Harisidhhi to VDC

Jun 14

Shelter for the Dog and her eight kids.

We received a message Facebook about this dog who gave birth to eight and covering her kids with her body on open sky. Felt bad about this news as it

Jun 10

Memorial Service ” The Dog Mother “

Hosted the Event ” Memorial Service of Gyani Deula ” The Dog Mother “. Hundreds of Dog Lover showed their presence. I feel very responsible and am very dedicated to

Dog Mother
Jun 07


It is indeed the sad day for me and all the dog lovers  for we have today lost our very own  Gyanu, ” THE DOG MOTHER “. It was just

stray dogs
Jun 06

Couldn’t stop myself from helping this dog

Few days back, there was the case of HIT and RUN , the dog was hit by the vehicle and she had her leg fractured where I had helped financially

saved stray dog
Jun 02

Happy To Save Life

This dog was hit and run by a vehicle. One of a kind hearted girl took her to KAT center.She was fractured. KAT center does Spaying and small surgery in