Poor Lad thrown by owner rescued by Sneha Care

That affection doesn’t count if that is going to be temporary. Don’t take dog as an object which you keep with yourself until you observe him as gold and through away once you feel that the glitter which once shined is no more a gold. This poor lad was thrown away by owner due to which he was forced to live a street life.

The case doesn’t finish here. He was hit by a taxi of a heartless taxi driver who ran away after hitting him. We were informed about him by Mr. Shiva Subedi as he say the dog in pain at Baneshwor. We went there to see his condition and did necessary treatment for the dog. He doesn’t have major injury but yes, the trauma of being abandoned is not going to clear from his mind easily.

Don’t shop, Adopt to give new life to homeless dog. Help us help more dogs by donating at www.snehacare.org/donate .

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