Rabies and Distemper Vaccination programme Organized !!!

Many dogs are on the threat of dying and many have died out of Distemper and Rabies in Sankhu. Thus, we found the essence of Vaccination. Thus, our team has organized Rabies and Distemper Vaccination programme in support of Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen which will last till World Rabies Day, 28th September .

The first day of Rabbies and Distemper Vaccination was conducted successfully on 1st September, 2017 at Suntole, Sakhu. 95 dogs were given Rabies Vaccine and 93 vaccinated with Distemper Vaccine. We found the locals of Suntole area very cooperative and each house has sheltered at least one furry. We can undoubtedly say that its the area of animal lover. We are even treating skin disease and CTVT cases in that area. Inform us if you have any dogs facing problem and we will keep you updated about the further Vaccination programmes. After the end of programme at Sakhu, we will visit other area.

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