Reckless School Bus Driver Reversed to Kill this Innocent , Shame on you

We humans are so good sometimes. He was hit by a school bus at Sorakhutte, Kathmandu. And the driver was so nice that he hit the dog and reversed the vehicle and tried to kill him as he was still alive, but luck that the dog survived again after second hit.


He was then taken by the locals to one of the Animal Shelter but because of limited resources at the the shelter they decided to euthanise the dog. Those locals who reported about the same they have brought the dog to us and now the treatment has been started. One of his hind leg is totally disaster and cannot walk on fore leg as well.


We still need to observe him for few days, go through x-ray & see if we need to amputee his hind leg or could be recovered by daily dressing. Decision pending but yes he wont die. Even though if he is paralysed we will manage to keep him in wheelchair. Thank Danish jee for informing about the case. Pray for his speedy recovery.

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