Sneha Demands ” Animal Right in Nepal “

snehas care

A cat was in between two walls for more than 48 hours without any food or water and wasn’t coming out from there. What should be the reason she was between the walls for more than 48 hours? It’s because of HUMAN like us, who hit her and frightened her with our name (HUMANS).
She couldn’t dare to come out to our world because she was so scared that someone of us would kill her. It was very hard to rescue her as she couldn’t walk on her both hind legs and she was at least 3 meters away in between two walls that none can enter there. And her baby was thrown hot water and her baby was just outside the wall waiting for his mother. We were not able to rescue her baby as she ran away from there but we will be there again tomorrow with some equipment’s to rescue.
snehas care

We rescued the mother with the help of our known vet Dr. Sushil who has years of experience working with cat. I guess he is the only one who has experience with cats in Nepal.
sneha care

Once she was rescued, she started crawling and saw a big wound on her hind leg. She was hit by some nonsense person very badly that she had to crawl. Took her straight away to Animal Medical Center & started her treatment. She is now under Sneha’s Care. Hope she will start walking on her own leg very soon and start living again in this cruel world.

Few Comments From Sneha’s Facebook Page :
Julie Doug Writes :

I’m humbled by the works you do against such tough odds

Valerie Bell Writes:

Bless you for getting her rescued hope she gets better, poor cat. Hope you can rescue her baby and wonder where all her other babies are as they normally have more than one. Cruelty to animals is so very upsetting I really don’t understand why they have this hatred for them, just scum of this world.

Adriana Hinestrosa Writes:

Until you people don’t have any law for the innocent . No love and respect for the Animals. What can we expect . Thanks Sneha thanks dear Vet. For caring ! We need a lot of people like you . USA

Rebekah Strunz-Sherpa Writes:

So glad you were able to rescue her and get her help. We found a cat on Christmas Day that was so badly injured and infected and dehydrated that the only thing we could do was take her to Dr Sushil for euthanasia. It was the only kindness we could give her. She had been like that for so long and everyone just kept passing her and ignoring her. But I was grateful that I had met Dr Sushil and yourself so that I knew how we could help.

Lets Raise our Voice Together. For More Comments on what animal lovers has to say about this, Check and Follow us on our Facebook 🙂 Sneha’s Care.

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