Rescue From Thechu Lalitpur. Call by Anju Maharjan

Dear humans, being the most sensible beings on this planet, why are we unable to understand that torturing and giving pain to these loving paws, there is nothing to gain!

This beautiful looking dog was badly hit and left to die!

We got a rescue buzz from Thechu Lalitpur by a kind animal lover Anju Maharjan who informed about this dog and our team went for mobile treatment. We have given her all the medications and are going to follow up on her tomorrow as well for she needs constant monitoring and treatment. We want to sincerely thank Anju for showing such immense love and taking responsibility to be there for her until she recovers. We therefore urge community residents to act responsible for taking care of these loving paws of their locality.

Will you help us to heal and recover this dog?

Will you help us to help the dog?
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