Rescue Team Visited Kanchan Basti Satungal, Rescued this Baby


We got a rescue call from the community called “Kanchan Basti, Satungal. How good the residence are from this area. They take care & feed the dogs in their community. We went there this afternoon and followed the treatment for this dog. All the dogs live there happily with enough food to eat but sometime they fight among each other in the mating season.

aWe have planned to conduct Spay/Neuter program in this area very soon, so that the dogs wont fight with each other. If everyone from each area are concerned regarding the dogs from the street/community, the world would be so better place for the dogs living in the street.

sIf you believe animal deserve better life, will you please help us continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment.
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