Rescued a Dog with One Eye, Treatment Under Sneha’s Care, Helping Hands are Welcome..

Thanks GOD, i have been living in a hell and thought i would go to heaven as i was expecting that i would DIE soon. Since more than a month i had an injury in my eye and i already lost my eye, saw so many people walking by but none cared about me, none took me to Vet. And the fault is mine as i cant SPEAK and can only bark but i lost my power to bark as well hence, i couldn’t beg with human to take me to vet or help me to recover from the pain.

15492312_786076134874726_1311179712127997920_n15390767_786076164874723_4823255212769939838_n Finally, a guy named Supreme Rai saw me yesterday morning and posted my photo in Facebook seeking help for me. Sneha’s Care then reached the location and tried finding me but i was away from the location. This evening they made another attempt to find me and was able to locate me and rescued me. I am under treatment & shelter care and hope i will recover soon although i will try to live with my one eye.

Anyone willing to help Sneha’s Care, helping me for treatment can donate via following link. A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment.

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