Rescued this Dog From the Former Kings Palace

I was asked to rescue a dog from Narayanhiti Museum (Earlier a King’s Palace). Ms. Aachal & her Mum saw the dog when they were there for some reason. Both Daughter & Mom helped in rescuing the dog with all their efforts as in the present situation,


we are lacking fuel, they managed somehow to provide me with the same and made the rescue easier. Thanks to Ms. Aanchal & mom.


I went there looking for the injured dog and came to know from the Police security that the dog belonged to the King of Nepal and used to feed this dog as the dog used to live inside the palace.


After the rescue, took him to the clinic for the treatment.


He has injury in his ear with maggots wound, critically dehydrated, Ecanis tested positive, low blood level.



He has fleas and ticks all over his body, so gave him a good shower and drops against the same.


He is under treatment now. If anyone is interested in adopting him, please let me know. He is almost 15 Years old.


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