Rescuing Cat From Inside Plastic Bottle


See how cruel human are. What is problem with human??? This little Kitten was seen by more than thousand of people and was ignored at Bhotahity, Kathmandu. Police force saw this Kitten inside a bottle with bitumen and thought it was a bomb, later on when they realized that it was a kitten, they allowed people to see it. One of the kind hearted boy named Mr. Manis Shahi, called me and informed me about this situation.

I was 1 KM away from the place but took me an hour to reach there as the road was blocked by people celebrating the new constitution of Nepal. Anyway rescued the little kitten and rushed to Animal Medical Center for his treatment. He is now healing but need much more time to come out of this pain and trauma. Ms. Ajita & Romi Didi who were already there at AMC helped a lot cleaning bitumen from the Kitten. Thanks to everyone for saving a life.


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