Rescuing Street Dogs , Help Strays the Best You Can

Many dogs were rescued from different location of Kathmandu yesterday. We started from Kirtipur and ended up in Kapan. We found several cases like Skin disease, CTVT & Rabies as well. We receive so much messages on Facebook about the rescue but due to limited Vet & Team we wont be able to rescue all the dogs in the street, hence please try to help the street dogs from your end as well.

Everyone is equally responsible to help the street animals as they belong to us & part of our community. Its always wise to take the first step either by taking the injured dog to the nearby Vet clinic or by contacting the Vet to come and go ahead with the treatment, it doesn’t cost a lot and can be paid from your pocket money.


Many dogs in the street are in need of help, hence please be part of it. You can also join us and volunteer so that more rescue can be made and in efficient way. Thank you all for always loving street animals.

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