Sajha Yatayat Hit a Stray , Rescued and Treated by Snehas Care


HIT & RUN by SAJHA YATAYAT at Lagankhel as witnessed by locals.
Our big fault is that we are born in the street, and we are always starving and searching for food. It is only the intellect we try to cross the road and abruptly get hit by a vehicle. Why don’t you feed us in your door step? Why don’t you love us like you love your pet & family? We will happily live the life of stray if we get consistent food. I again assume, our big error is being born in the street.

My right hind limb is destroyed, and my leg was surgically fixed this afternoon at Valley Animal clinic. I wish I will walk like I used to, but I don’t want to go back to the street and live the tortured life again. Could you please provide me a lovely home where I can cheerfully spend my entire life being a real family member?

If you consider creature like us deserve a better life, will you please support Sneha’s Care continue rescuing animals? A small contribution from you will mean thousands of other being taken to a protection and given important medical treatment.
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