Sanu feels better without his tumor, He’s Handsome isn’t he ?


If you pet animals, be responsible as well. Animals has rights to LIVE like we do.
Sanu was brought to the shelter for surgery. Our well-wisher & volunteer Mr. Cheun Man Chang saw this dog at Thamel in a house.

15056430_766689350146738_8968937870079365320_nSanu was seen with a tumour near his ear and was urgently in need of surgery but the owner of Sanu denied to take the dog to Vet for some reason. Mr. Cheun then informed us about the situation and he convinced the dog owner and got permission from the owner to rescue the dog.

15056401_766689340146739_2154697587384406033_nWe went through the surgery and Sanu doesn’t have any tumour anymore. He looks so handsome without the hanging tumour 🙂.


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