Save Cooper !!!


Cooper was rescued from the street of Kathmandu 5 months ago. He was tied inside a sack and was beaten up by the local people for no good reason. Our team rescued the dog and brought him to the shelter and treated him. It took us long time to built the trust with him as he was in trauma as he was beaten badly by people.

One women named Mary wanted to adopt Cooperfrom USA, and we thought of sending him to the USA as he would be happy there with this women. And this women was very much interested in taking Cooper as a service dog.

Cooper flew to San Fransisco on November 17th, 2018. And in three weeks, he is dumped in a shelter in California named Contra Costa Animal Services by this women as she does not want to be with Cooper anymore. She claims that she got bitten by Cooper three times. Cooper is a gentle dog and he needs time to be calm after the trauma he had, after he flew for long hours to San Fransico and after he entered the new world.

One of my friend from San Fransico can pick up Cooper from the shelter on Monday and send Cooper back to Nepal to us but it could be too late and he could be euthanized if he don’t get picked up soon from there.

Can anyone please get him out of shelter asap and keep till Monday morning and hand it over to our friend so that he can live his life again with him hundreds friend here at the shelter?

Anyone who lives in San Fransisco Bay area and willing to help us save his life please contact us.

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