Seri is Getting Better, Before and After of our handsome Seri

Hey! Its Seri here. Ever imagined a wound with maggots and searing pain agitating your nerve and comfort? I have gone through this stage. Ask me how did I feel. Believe me. It was getting on my nerve. I went aggressive due to the agony and would fear of anyone touching me.

But the team Sneha’s has handled me so well ever since they rescued me from Swayambhu. Look at my before and after pictures. You will spot the changes. My wound is healing and am all set to leave the shelter.

SERINow that I am calm and so much at ease, I won’t bite any one or go aggressive. I need a loving family who would give me all the attention I owe. Don’t shop, adopt me. Want to support other friends like me in treatment? Don’t hesitate and donate via
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