Severe Pain and Severe Life, Snehas Care Angel of my Life

Isn’t is possible to live a life without pain and suffering? I have been suffering since a long time with the pain in face. There is problem in my mouth and also intense pain. The suffering is severe. I have been in the situation since long. But no eyes looked down at me. Nobody bothered to help me out. I know this is due to the tag on me as street dog.

I cannot eat anything due to problem in my mouth and saliva comes out of my mouth continuously. To my luck, M/s Raybca saw me and reported about me to Sneha’s Care. I didn’t know about it until they came in. They came in and did necessary treatment of mine. They diagnosed me with CTVT and removed some sand particles out of my mouth.

Helping hands are necessary as we need genuine helpers to help more dogs as possible. Donate today at .

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