Severely dehydrated mother rescued, Snehas Care is Treating Her Now..

Every creature be it a human or a dog feels blissful to be a mother. But it takes away a great amount of pain to get maternal peace. This furry who is a new mom of few puppies has a whole lot to suffer when she should be experiencing happiness as a mother. She is severely dehydrated and has high amount of calcium deficiency on her body.

Being in pain is one thing and being constantly sucked by her babies even in her pain is seriously a matter of bursting into tears. She couldn’t explain her condition to anybody but M/s Pooja saw her in that situation which is why our team reached the spot to see the dog. Eventually, she was brought to our shelter as she needs serious medical attention. She hasn’t been able to stand up due to her poor state. Our vet has been giving her all the necessary treatment. We just want to see her healthy.

On top of that we are worried about her kids. They are so cute. Anybody with tender-heart please adopt those kids. Street is not a good place for them to be. They dire to be your family member. Help us help find a adopting family to these puppies.

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