She struggled and Lived with her flesh dragging, Look on Roads While You Drive People.

From the day she was born, she struggled. Struggled to find a place to stay. Struggled to find a small amount of food to get through the week. Struggled to find a space to sleep. Struggled to survive. When she grew older, the struggle just got bigger. She now was pregnant, walking through the whole community looking for food. People would chase her, beat her, and even splash water at her to make her go away. Still struggling, she gave birth in the dead of winter, and when the puppies were strong enough and independent enough to go on their own, her struggles finally seemed to be bearable when one day, a vehicle came speeding through the narrow roads and struck her so hard, that her left front leg was hanging by a small flesh.

When Ravi found her, it had already been too late. Her leg had been long gone after the blood supply stopped going to her damaged leg. She was hiding in a bush, scared that somebody might hurt her again. When we finally rescued her, what left of her leg was infested with maggots. Our vet doctor guesses, she might have been living with this condition for more than 1.5 months.

We cannot fathom, how she must have survived like that. She is now under regular treatment. Tomorrow, we will be trying to get rid of all the maggots that have been living under the flesh. Please DONATE TODAY to help us give her the best treatment possible.

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