SIRIUS started Eating, Any Sponsors Around???

We named him SIRIUS. We named him Sirius as the name is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. And this name was suggested by Mr. David for a dog who passed away few weeks ago. We believe that he will be as brighter as he should be once his surgery is done. He got rescued from the street of Kathmandu few days back and we are happy that he started eating food.

sWe are making him strong for his eye surgery as his blood level is too low. Even though he doesn’t have a eye, he will be staying forever with us unless we find good and adoptive family.

sAnyone willing to cover his cost for the surgery, sponsor his living at Sneha’s Care and if you want to be a Secret Santa for him this Christmas can donate via different methods as below:-
US based Tax Deductible Donation –
Paypal –
Esewa –

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