Sneha Overcomes Her Grief Saving a Dogs Life, An Angel From Earth !!!

Losing a father figure rendered a devastating feeling to me, but life goes on!
I went to Sarlahi carrying heavy heart with my mother because of my personal work. I was in the time of life when I thought no person has severe grief like mine. But what I saw made my pain very minor. I saw a huge crowd running after a life of this poor dog.

The dog was already in so much pain because of the Canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT- a sexually transmitted cancer in dogs) and these ruthless people were making its pain worse! The dog which is fighting for life against the disease had to run for its life. We human are considered the most loving creature on this planet, but the scenario here was so disheartening. I saw them adding up misery in the life of this dog instead. If a human was in its situation, would we behave in the same way? Definitely no! Maybe we would try to help as much as we can. Why doesn’t these dogs deserve the same affection? Is it only because they are not a human? Is this the humanity? If so then, there arises a big question about the heart we carry in us which is considered to be full of love!

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When I stopped them and asked why they were treating the dog with so much of cruelty. They gave a very inhuman answer,” The dog is bleeding from the cancerous wound, and it disgust us. All it carries is a disease but nothing so we have to kill it to finish this awfulness animal.”
Since I went there for some other purpose, I was very unequipped. I hoped to get help from the district animal hospital and requested them for helping me to treat that dog. But I was denied, and my only hope was dismantled into pieces. Since for CTVT, chemotherapy is must, and it has to be given for multiple times. I did not find any medicine in entire Sarlahi. I only have one option left to help the poor dog. I called to my Sneha Care Center in Kathmandu and asked them to send me the medicine. I advised them to send the medicine via the bus heading to Janakpur. I drove all the way to Bardibas during the night and received medicine for chemotherapy.

I was finally able to give it to this dog with the help of one of my ex-veterinarian living close to that area, and that feeling made me feel so contended. I thought to myself, “Rising above my pain of losing a father and feeling the pain of the one (dog) who is still alive and to be able to ease its suffering was the only way to ease my grief.”

As I informed them that I am leaving, they said, “Take your dog with you in your vehicle” How inhuman we can be when it comes to loving an animal. Are they for us only when they are in health? Are they not our responsibility when they fall ill? I could have brought it to Kathmandu which would, of course, save my expenses of traveling again but I decided to keep it where it belonged and treat it. So if the similar situation occurs among the same people in future, they realize their responsibility towards animals. I want them to see the dog getting better. Before I made my return to Kathmandu, I requested the entire villagers if they cannot help the dog then they should not harm it either. I promised them that I would get back to the village sooner for another dose of chemotherapy as long as the dog needs me.

Living up to the promise I made to the village and fulfilling the responsibility toward this dog, I am heading to Sarlahi to give another dose of chemotherapy. This time I have my Vet team from Kathmandu itself. There is a difference in the journey then and now. Then I had a heart full of sorrow due to the demise of my father, but now I have a heart full of hope and happiness to see the dog again.
Moving ahead with the hope to make one more dog smile which fills my heart with immense happiness!! Every dog I rescue grows moral and responsibility in me. Dogs have been loyal friends to me, and now it rescued me from the grief. Thanks to this dog for taking me through the journey of grief to happiness!!
Save Dog- Save your loyal friend- Save humanity!!!


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