Sneha’s Care Vs Prime Minister’s Office


After two hearings postponed, from the Supreme Court of Nepal, The Court has issued a writ of mandamus to the defendant (Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Including other 6 Ministry) to provide in the writing within 15 days of issue of the Order on why or why shall not, the court order in the favor of our demand. In today’s first hearing in the Supreme Court, addressing the writ placed by Sneha’s Care in Bringing “Animal Law in Nepal”, the first milestone has been reached.

The Court’s order to the respondent has given us the positive signal and we are confident, that our goal is not that far. We have started a battle and we shall accomplish it together.

We thank everyone of you for all your love, support and care for Sneha’s Care. We shall keep you updated on the next hearing soon.

Animals Can’t Speak, We Can Speak For Them.

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