Sorry to See you go Love. Return If Possible (RIP)

Daisy was brought to Snehas Care by a fine lady after seeing her tummy extra big, very abnormal one. After diagnosis, It was discovered that Daisy had the condition called Ascites (Abnormal accumulation fluid in the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity).

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She was under treatment and now she is no more. It came to me that every time i lose a dog. They take a piece of my heart with them. RIP (Return If Possible) Daisy 🙁
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Few Comments From Facebook :

Rebellious Astha 🙁 I pray to God to give you strength to overcome this tragedy and to give you peace and rest to the departed Soul! 🙁

Mita Khadka Lohani I read ur post about her yesterday and hoping that she will be alright in few days but today she is gone it’s really sad news may her soul rest in peace .

Sabina Shrestha Rest in peace baby ….you don’t have to deal with cruel human now onward 🙁



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