Stop Buying Adopt Us

stray dogs

One of our sister died today in an accident and we are very sad and scared that we might die soon as well without seeing this beautiful world. Hello humans you are only the one who can save us. Don’t you feel pity on us? What we have heard is if we were not born on street and was a foreign breeds people would buy us but why don’t you keep us just for free.

stray dogs

We don’t eat much, we can sleep anywhere in the house, we wont irritate you, we live more longer than foreigner friends, we are very good at learning, we will greet you everyday when you come home, we will never let you down. Please keep us if you feel something on us. My friend Sneha has promised to vaccinate us and spay us when we grow big. We are available without paying, so please STOP buying and adopt us. Please contact Sneha to adopt us.

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