Once upon a time in Lalitpur, I was brought from one of the kennel club in Kathmandu. I was very happy that i was taken to nice home and i was named DAISY. My owner had more dogs at home so i never felt lonely. I enjoyed my friends company. Four years of my age was a beautiful age. One afternoon my owner saw me itching my body and he then realised i had a disease called mange. He then decided to throw me out of the house as this disease might transfer to the other dogs he had at his house.


What a miserable life i had to spend then. I was outside in the street looking for food & water. Begging people to fulfil my hunger.


The disease i had started spreading all over my body and many people walking besides me started hating me. Now in a year time the disease has spread so badly over me as no medication were done. Why not my owner called up a vet for my treatment when i was in need and why abandoned me? One of the guy feed me everyday whenever he comes to buy vegetables in the market where i stay all day and night.


He then made effort to call Sneha’s Care and rescued me yesterday. I am now living with many friends at Sneha’s care and i am being well treated. Hope i will gain my beautiful face, hair and health again. I want to live happy once again. And thanks to my owner who abandoned me as i got an opportunity to live happy with more than 40 friends at Sneha’s Care.


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