Street Dog Bleeding From Eye, This is Story of our Lovely ROME

Meet Rome. Rescued from Sangekhola, she was bleeding from one of her eyes when we found her. It is always difficult to see animals suffering like this on the streets. Years go by, and not one person stops to see what is wrong. Even if they do stop, their cell phones will come out first to record or ‘live’ broadcast the incident rather than sympathize with the ones who are hurt. Thinking about helping these poor souls becomes the last thought.

Rome was suffering from a massive tumor in her right eye which grew bigger and bigger and finally blocked her vision. Now, after months of treatment here is our Rome. With the tumor all gone, we can finally see how beautiful her eyes actually are. She is a true furry beauty.

Dogs go through a lot in their lifetimes but will love you no matter what. All we ask for everyone is to be a little kind to them. Help us reach more dogs. Help us treat more dogs. DONATE TODAY!

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