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Dec 05

Mr. Harry Simpson and Christine Maimon-Duclos Contribution

We would like to heartly thank to Mr. Harry Simpson for spending time with our furry friends and donating us for the welfare of the animals. Also the thanks goes

Jun 21

Dinesh Maharjan Loves Our Furry Friends

CTVT is a globally distributed tumor in dogs which is life threatening! This beautiful paw has been looked by a kind animal lover Dinesh Maharjan in Khokana who had informed

Jun 19

Laxmi rescued – Hit and Run Case – Cow Treatment

We rescued beloved Laxmi from Bagdol when she was hit by a speeding vehicle. She was in pain for the past 2 days when nobody took heed of her when

May 04

Mawoo Rescued From Streets, Week and Almost Dead, She is Safe Now

We see animals suffering every day. We rescue them, and we post it on our social media for awareness. Many people react to our posts and share them, praying for

Dec 03

Snehas Care Does it Again, Finally Rescued from Patan, Previously Spotted in Kusunti

Tears doesn’t stop when we see such a case in front of our eyes. She was first spotted by someone from Kusunti. But as soon as the person reported us,

Aug 25

Wounded Me and Snehas Care

Born on the street, I have gone through a whole lot of misery. Yes, I don’t get food to eat and I really wait for some angel to come and

sneha care
Jun 27

Poison case witnessed in Balkumari & thanks Ms. Shradhha Bajracharya for informing us

Rs. 3,000 or even Free Of Cost for Spaying/Neutering this dog instead spending money on buying POISON. Another Poison case witnessed in Balkumari & thanks Ms. Shradhha Bajracharya for informing

love and care street dogs
Apr 30

Summer is UP, Help Animals with a Bowl of Water

Saw this little boy drinking water from the ground. The temperature is very high these days, i would like to request everyone to put a bowl of water in front

Jan 25

Drive Slow If someone Can Live Long

Early morning, No Brush No Shower. Got a call from lady named Rupa Maharjan who witnessed hit & run by a vehicle and started crying with the dog. She called

sneha care
Jan 14

Thank You Sneha For Sending Me Home

Never got any NAME tillI lived in this cruel world. I was hit by a car two months back. I was crawling in the street, thousands of people saw me