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Sep 15

Kalu – On the way to Recovery

Helping dogs might not change the world but for the dog, its’ whole world changes! We met Kalu at Buddhanagar after reported by Mr. Dipendra Gyawali. Good fellow Mr. Gyawali

Feb 11

Supreme Court ordered the government to introduce Animal Law in Nepal

VICTORY FOR ANIMALS & ANIMAL LOVERS Supreme Court ordered the government to introduce Animal Law in Nepal: The Supreme Court has issued the mandate today to make immediate implementation of

Jul 31

Hit and run isn’t a big deal right? His situation is no Joke !!!

We have no more words lefts with us to describe humanity of today’s generation. There is no more any reason for us humans to feel superior. There is no more

May 23

Calf in Critical Condition Rescued, Thank you Krishna & Friends, Thank you SPCA Nepal

Yesterday, a calf was rescued from Faika, Kapan. He had fallen from a certain height into the ground below. For 3 whole days, he lied there sometimes conscious and sometimes

May 16

Jenish Rescued with Fractured Leg

Jenish was rescued with a fractured leg, adding another case of Hit & Run to the daily increasing list. Even an accidental bruise in our body hurts so much and

May 04

She struggled and Lived with her flesh dragging, Look on Roads While You Drive People.

From the day she was born, she struggled. Struggled to find a place to stay. Struggled to find a small amount of food to get through the week. Struggled to

May 02

Two Life Taken on Hit and RUN, Animal Lives Matter !!!

Every day, we talk about at least one Hit & Run case, which has been reported to us. Today, we came across 2, in the same area of Lubhu. It

Apr 07

Its suffering is over. It was a strong one to have fought to survive this long. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

A cow with most of its body paralyzed was lying on the ground for 5 days at Balkhu, every night and every day in this weather. It was hit by

Mar 27

We are tired, we are out of words and we are out of excuses. Nothing can excuse this.

Another case of Hit & Run case makes its way to us. Can you imagine what might have happened to cause this amount of injury? The driver must have run

Mar 25

Dog with Infected Eye Socket Rescued and Treated

This poor pup was rescued today early in the morning. With a bloody left eye and in agonizing pain, he was wandering the streets of Nil Barahi aimlessly. Upon inspection,