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Dec 13

Nooma and Sister Donates 40,000. Thank you Nooma

Nooma Limbu and her sister spent time with our furries and also donated the sum of Rs. 40,000 for their welfare. We would like to thank them for their kind

Dec 09

Samin and Friends Donates – Thank you Guys.

We would like to heartly thank Samin Shakya and his friends for spending time with our furry friends and donating us for the welfare of the animals. Help us to

Dec 05

Mr. Harry Simpson and Christine Maimon-Duclos Contribution

We would like to heartly thank to Mr. Harry Simpson for spending time with our furry friends and donating us for the welfare of the animals. Also the thanks goes

Aug 01

Treating Cancer – Snehas Care

We all can imagine how painful is the Cancer for human beings. The pain is similar for all, the only difference is, animals can’t express their pain and we are

Jul 01

Rescue From Temple – Street Dogs at Temple

Temples and shrines home a lot of dogs in their surrounding. Dogs are given food and are well taken care of when worshippers come there daily. We got a rescue

Jun 30

Dog with Tumor treated – Thank you Sadikchya Pakhrin For Informing us.

This beautiful dog is really the calmest and composed when being treated with medications although she has eye tumor and is in so much pain. Thank you to Sadikchya Pakhrin

Apr 24

Our Cute MOMO ready to go Home

Momo getting back to her community after recovery! One of the local community members came to pick her up last week. When momo was rescued, she was very ill and

Apr 18

Its not Okay !!! Its not Okay you Risk Others Life While You DRIVE !!!

It is okay if you want to risk your life driving like you are in an action movie. It is your life and your vehicle. We get it. But it

Mar 27

We are tired, we are out of words and we are out of excuses. Nothing can excuse this.

Another case of Hit & Run case makes its way to us. Can you imagine what might have happened to cause this amount of injury? The driver must have run

Jan 26

Merry is Finally Noticed, When Hopes Dies, Snehas Care arise

Merry was unnoticed for many days due to which she is in a critical state now. We were reported to her by Mr. Deepak Sharma as soon as he saw