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Dec 17

Healing the scar on the existence of street dogs…

Is there any end to the limitless cruelty?? No wonder when will our doggies get a life without any fear and threaten. Inhumane behaviour has put up a scar on

Dec 15

Dog with rashes in Street Rescued

This is my story. I have been tagged as street dog since my birth. Consequently, I have never known what it feels like being pampered by people. Pamper is a

Dec 08

Severely dehydrated mother rescued, Snehas Care is Treating Her Now..

Every creature be it a human or a dog feels blissful to be a mother. But it takes away a great amount of pain to get maternal peace. This furry

Nov 27

Streets and Dog Fights, Wounded Street Dog Rescued From Gongabu

Who wouldn’t love to hear or read about a dog rescue story? If you are a regular follower on our facebook page, you might have known about the dog from

Nov 26

Abandoned Dog Rescued again by Snehas Care, Pet Rescued.

We got a rescue call from Gongabu for this poor dog. As per the locals, the dog was abandoned once he started suffering and his little wound turned into a

Nov 21

Dodo Recovery, Before and After after 47 Days

Our hearts sinks in sorrow everytime we see one of our friends suffering in excruciating pain and life so miserable enough to make hell on earth. Our challenges seems to

Nov 13

Blood Everywhere.. Dog Rescued in Critical Condition at Snehas Care

Imagine blood scattered over your body and you are unable to do anything about it. How do you feel? Now you can easily guess what she might have been in.

Jul 23

How Breed Dog Turns Street Dog?

Humans are known as the most intelligent creature in the earth. And we intelligent creature are torturing other animals day by day. Where does street dogs come from? They come

May 31

A Dog with Tumor Rescued From Banepa

I was born in the street of Banepa and grown here as well. My life was going well until I had TUMOR on me. The tumor started growing bigger &

May 25


Sneha, Shere, and the food in the bowl are still waiting for Seti!! Let me begin from where Seti first rendered me sleepless by its timeless barking. Seti used to