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Dec 07

Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa Donating Rs.10,000 – Thank you so much

We would like to heartly thank Mr. Ang Jeeva Sherpa for donating us the sum of Rs. 10,000 for the welfare of the animals. Help us to reach more animals

May 04

Mawoo Rescued From Streets, Week and Almost Dead, She is Safe Now

We see animals suffering every day. We rescue them, and we post it on our social media for awareness. Many people react to our posts and share them, praying for

Apr 28

Abandoned Eeve with amazing Transformation, Can you Believe this??? Help Her Get Better

Can you believe these pictures are of the same dog? Evee was abandoned when she started losing all her fur and her skin started to thicken. Living in the warmth

snehas care
Apr 20

Breed Dog Abandoned By Owner Went to Street, Rescued By Snehas Care, Ready for Adoption

Life of a dog in our country is miserable. When will we understand the meaning of an animal? Deo was rescued from the street of Kathmandu once we got reported

Apr 07

Its suffering is over. It was a strong one to have fought to survive this long. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

A cow with most of its body paralyzed was lying on the ground for 5 days at Balkhu, every night and every day in this weather. It was hit by

Apr 04

Take Them For a Walk, They will beat the Normal Dogs, Our Amazing Heros!!!

When you are a dog living on the streets, it is already a difficult life. You do not know when your next meal is going to be, you have to

Dec 14

Severe Pain and Severe Life, Snehas Care Angel of my Life

Isn’t is possible to live a life without pain and suffering? I have been suffering since a long time with the pain in face. There is problem in my mouth

May 10

Pepsicola Dog Rescued, Thank You Ms Tina For Reaching Snehas Care

None knows where this dog came to the area of “Pepsicola”. He was seen in this condition since one year. How painful it would be to remain like this for

May 04

Bijuli and Her Story

Bijuli was hit by a vehicle on February 9, 2017. Rather of taking her to the vet for the treatment she was thrown in the bank of a river from

Sep 22

Snehas Care Rescued Me ;) I am In Safe Hands Now.

He was rescued from a town called Panauti on June 13th, 2016. See how he recovered & gained his beauty back in few months. Neem Therapy for Skin Diseased Dog